My passion for food was ignited during childhood, where my life was steeped in the rich culinary influences of the Louisiana bayou. Wanderlust propelled me to travel through Europe, to return again and again to the Caribbean, to study and live in Leon, Spain, and to finally settle here in Miami, with my wonderful Cuban husband.  From the steamy languor of the bayou to the spicy flare of the Miami beaches, the varied geography of my life experience has seasoned my relationship with food and heightened my appreciation for the limitless possibilities offered by a well-stocked kitchen. Like the thin layers of a delicate pastry, all of the culinary moments in my life have added, and continue to add, depth and definition to my palette and repertoire. 

Life has shown me that the opportunities for an unforgettable culinary experience truly are without limit.  I look forward to sharing ideas with you, and to creating your next best meal, be it for an intimate dinner for two or an impressive culinary event for 150 or more.  

Relish your food.  Relish your life.  We’ll be delighted to help.  

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